I  loved the long hot summer that we had and miss the simplicity that summer brings but I am now trying to embrace autumn. Im enjoying getting back into my lovely boots and big thick jumpers but I’m struggling with the tightness of tights.. my feet are feeling very claustrophobic!

At this time of year many people begin to suffer from coughs and colds. Here are my top tips to keep fighting fit.

Meditation: I swear by it! I meditate daily, It revives me and gives me so much more energy. I feel more relaxed, calm, focused and able to concentrate. I usually do the Yoga Nidra , The wholeness of nature by Swarmi Janakanada. find it on spotify or iTunes. It last for 20.23 minutes, it will be the best 20.23 minutes of your day! I play it to my clients when I am massaging them or to very nervous brides to calm them! It never fails to work. 

While your body and mind are in a meditative mode you are allowing them to repair themselves. Don’t feel guilty about it.

Vitamin C: M&S pure orange juice-You can feel it killing cold bugs! Great for hangovers too!

Borocca: I think the Tropical flavour is the nicest. Full of vitamins and minerals to give you a boost. I take these when I know I am getting low but haven’t got time to stop.


Eat well: Cook using lots of herbs, they are natures natural healers, eating them raw is even better. Stick to wholegrain, natural, not diet/ chemically filled food. Eat food that doesn’t come with packaging and labelling, that way it is simple and natural and not full of preservatives and e numbers.

Bake Tomatoes, chilli, garlic, fresh basil and lemon slowly  in a little olive oil with balsamic vinegar. Cook until soft and caramel-ey, then toss into fresh wholemeal spaghetti. It is not only delicious and low in calories, it only takes 5 minutes to prepare. Win-Win 🙂

Eat food that is in season; it tastes better and is cheaper to buy.

The old adage ‘you are what you eat ‘ is so true. Clear skin, bright eyes and abundant energy does not come from a processed meal.

Sleep:Invest in the best bed,  duvet and sheets that you can afford. It is money so well spent. You can probably hear me sigh from the moon when I get under my Egyptian cotton sheets… sheer bliss!

Ginger Tea: It is amazing! Please take  look at my previous blog for the recipe. It is magic stuff! If you have already succumbed to a cold make it any way as it will speed up your recovery.

Exercise: Get those endorphines racing. Even when you just can’t be bothered, doing a little bit of exercise makes you feel so much better. Sit ups improve your digestive system- so just doing 20 a day will help you stay toned and keep your eyes looking brighter as you are removing the toxins before they build up.

The best classes in Oxfordshire are run by;

www.nixercise.co.uk. They are outdoor sessions, whatever the weather. Prepare to get wet, blown over and rolled in mud but you will feel amazing after it!

Debbie Thomas; She will kill you with laughter in her classes. You will be giggling so much you won’t realise how hard she is working you… that is, not until 2 days later when you try to sit down! owchh!

Be nice to yourself! I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to be super women these days that we can end up feeling like failures. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t live your life watching other people on social media looking like they are  having fun…if their life is so much fun how come they have the time to upload to FB?!

And finally,

DO ONE THING EVERYDAY THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, LAUGH AND SMILE: WHether that be meeting a friend, reading a book, walking the dog, whatever,  JUST DO IT AND ENJOY THE MOMENT.