Today I’m going to focus on those amazing mirrors to your souls, your eyes!! They say that, despite common assumption otherwise, men really are first attracted to us girls with amazing peeps (and then, of course, they might check us out in other areas, so to speak)!

The build up to Christmas is most definitely the season of the eye and there are are some fantastic vibrant colours out there to choose from.  It’s all about making it bold, reflecting the girl power in all of us!! And I love it!

I particularly like Bobbi Brown’s Aegean blue metallic eyeshadow and YSL’s 5-colour couture palette.

Rule of thumb, though, is to never apply eyeshadow to skin that hasn’t been prepared beforehand with some sort of eyeshadow primer – this moisturises and softens the very delicate skin around your eye, and ensures your eye make-up last the day and night.  I really recommend Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion or Smash Box eye primer.

This is a look which would be perfect for a hallowe’en party, where you would want to look sophisticated and elegant as well as that little bit foxy and devilish!  This look was created by Dior.  I would also add lashings of mascara as I never leave home without it!