The waterfall braid is the braid choice of the summer. It is uber cool, chic and feminine. The ends of your hair can be left straight or softly curled, or twisted into a loose chignon for a very romantic look.

I am delighted to say that I have one of the best braiders in the business on my team. Flossie is only young but has spent years praticing on anyone she could get her hands on and also her various training model ‘heads.’ She is able to look at any braid and work out which bit of hair should go where! A great skill. Shes is also really good at maths and Im sure this must help somehow!!

We have a great portofilio of styles for you to get inspiration from. Why not have you or your bridesmaids with a braid for your summer wedding? Or maybe have one for a special occasion or event.   You will be right on trend.