Hi there! This is my first time at blogging and I’m not totally sure how it all works but here goes.

I had an interesting time on Tuesday doing the makeup on a photoshoot for Elizabeth Rose London. The owner of the company, a lovely lady called Sarah Turner was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and realised that there wasn’t a good choice of hats on the market for women who have had hair loss.So her solution was to set up her company to readdress the problem.

The shoot took place in great cafe next to Haringey overland station. (fantastic coffees!) The beautiful model Christine, who was also diagnosed two years ago was great fun and looked fab in the hats. She was telling me how last year she was chosen to model at the Breast Cancer Care fashion show in London. She said it was one of the most amazing experiences of her life and gave her lots of confidence after going through such a terrible period of her life.

Sarah has been chosen to model this year. The charity only choose 20 models for the event and they have lots of people who apply, so they both did extremely well to get chosen.

I think both women were chosen for their amazing positive happy attitude to life. It must be so difficult going through what they have and yet they have come out the other side strong, compassionate, beautiful women. An inspiration to us all, they certainly made me feel extremely lucky to have my good health.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the new pictures from the shoot but until then you can still check out Sarah’s lovely hats. Www.elisabethroselondon.com

Thank you for reading my first blog! :)