Sadly I cant show you the latest boudoir photographs from ES_boudoirphoto, (as with all things boudoir.. its private!)  but trust me, they are amazing and the groom who is receiving them early as his wedding present (because his bride to be is too thrilled with them to wait till their wedding day!)  is going to be one very happy man!

I think his face on receiving them would make a great picture too!

The shoots that I do with David Bostock are always very friendly, informal and great fun and without exception, all our clients have said that it was a great experience and cant wait to show there friends and loved ones how fab they l00k!

ES_BoudiorPhoto  is the partnership between Ellie Sanderson bridal boutiques and David Bostock.  Which means we have lots of beautiful accessories to try out on the shoot! #totallyFabulous!!

As a women myself,  I think that we are far too critical of ourselves- and this attitude needs to change!  I have seen first hand with a little  dash of adventurous spirit, a bit of Katie Reay Scott Hair and Makeup and David behind  the camera, we can all have proof, in photographic form, of how beautiful we really are.

I would recommend it to anyone.  The ultimate pick-me-up!