You may be someone who is used to putting on make up everyday quite happily and don’t  really see the need to pay someone else to do it for you;  you may fall into the category of ‘I never wear any makeup and don’t want someone to cover me in it!’ alternatively:  ‘ my wedding is already costing more than I anticipated so I will just do it myself and save money.’

Let me help you decide…

A good makeup artist will listen to your needs and design your makeup to suit you. They will be able to enhance your features and make you look beautifully natural or they can make you look flawlessly smokey eyed, if that is your preference. They can explain to you all about face shapes, shading and highlighting so that however  much makeup you wear you know that all your best features are highlighted and your less favourite bits diminished!  They will show you all the latest products and how to use them- it’s amazing how many uses a simple eyeshadow can have! You can try out their things and decide if you would like to buy your own at a later date.

Makeup when applied professionally will last all day; you will not have to keep looking in the mirror to check that your eyeliner and mascara hasn’t smudged (even after a little tear of joy at the alter.)

For me, by far the most important reason to use a makeup artist, is that it is YOUR day. No one will remember how many floral decorations you had or if  you served Cava or Champagne , but they do remember how beautiful, radiant and happy you looked on your big day. You should be relaxed and stress free. The makeup artist will take all of the worry out from you. You will have that inner confidence knowing that not only did you look like a model from the bridal magazines but that you felt like a superstar sitting in the makeup chair whilst getting it done! You will have gorgeous pictures of you smiling before the wedding and not ones of you running around red faced and stressed because you have lost your best mascara!

You pay lots of money for professional photographers- why not have them capture you looking at your absolute best?

The venue looked amazing, isn’t it more important that you did too?